Science of Yoga

Scientific principles and
evidence have demystified
so much of the practice.

Science of Yoga is the book I wanted to read when I
first started practicing yoga. In classes, teachers offer
(sometimes conflicting) cues and claims—“Calm your
nervous system by elongating your exhales;” “This
pose will boost your immunity;” “Align your knee over
your ankle”—and I constantly wondered, “Why?”

For the past decade, through workshop, reading research papers and Completing my Master of Science in Yoga therapy at Maryland University of integrative health, I have Continued to fill my notebooks with facts, figures, sketches, and stories.

Science of Yoga summarized the notes I found most fascinating as yoga teacher and student.

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I Wish for!

“Only he who is knowledgeable and worthy,” said the genie, “may enter the cave of wonders.

Aladdin Factor

Those who use their personal power have clarity of purpose, focus, and a passion for life that magnetizes others to them.”

The First Task: Make a List of 101 Wishes

Just as Aladdin was asked to make a list of 101 wishes, we ask you to make a list of 101 wishes you have. Our experience is that this will take several hours, perhaps even several days to complete. If you are serious about getting more of what you want in life, stop and make your list of 101 wishes now. When you make your list, be as specific as possible. If you want a new car, specify which make and model. If you have a color preference, write that down, too. If you want a better job, specify exactly what kind of job you want. Be as specific as you can with each wish. THE FIRST TASK

“You must first create your wish list. I want you to sit down with paper and pen in hand. Write ‘I wish for. . .’ and ask for one hundred and one wishes. I will not accept ninety wishes or ninety-nine wishes. The correct and magical number is One Hundred and One.”

1.I Wish for One house in the wood tree with good food supplies and water supplies with nice view and good people to help me.

2.I wish for yoga body where I can perform all yoga asana

3.I wish to become super yoga guru

4.I wish to have my own place to be alone and meditation.

5. I wish I have my own Clothing style which help me be me.

6.I wish I have a big nice bathing tube so I don’t need to think about bathing.

7.I wish I have wisdom of great seeker of life and who lived one of kind of there life.

8.I wish I have unlimited Google pay balance.

9.I wish I have skill to fly helicopter and aeroplane.

10.I wish I could travel the world in my own ship and helicopter.

11. I wish I have my own lady gym trainer (she have yellow hair blue eye super sexy body and voice to instruct me)

12. I wish I have good food stoke in share market my investment will rise all the time.

13. I wish I have 1Million subscription on my YouTube book channel.

14. I wish I have villa in Dubai beach.

15. I wish I have my own mall in my village home I have my own mountain villa where only I have access to open and live.

Page Of The Day

Rather than let low pay and no money stop me, I signed up for a real estate investment course for $385. Within a few months I purchased my first investment property, a one-bedroom condo on the island of Maui, for $18000. The property was in foreclosure, and the bank was desperate to get rid of the unit. The bank let me put the $2,000 down payment on my credit card. The property made me about $35 a month after paying my mortgage and credit card bill, which is an infinite return, since I borrowed 100 percent of the money. Once I proved to the bank that I could manage the property, it let me buy two more units. My investing career was launched.

About a year later, I sold the three properties for approximately $48000 each and put nearly $90000 in my pocket. Not a bad return on a $385 seminar and credit card down payments.

Even though I did it, I do not recommend that people use credit cards to make down payments. I do, however, recommend that a person read books and attend seminars before investing. One of the reasons The Rich Dad Company has intensive investment before investing. One of the reasons The Rich Dad Company has intensive investment seminars is because I strongly believe in the power of our minds. Our minds are our most important form of leverage.

At our seminars, the instructors are fabulous. I must admit that they are better teachers than I am. They are much more focused and thorough with their content and delivery. They are well-trained, dedicated to your success, and, most importantly, they practice what they preach. Most students report that our courses open up their minds to a world of new opportunities, different ways of becoming financially free, and change their lives forever. You can find out more information on our website,

Dream big. Most of us know that a child must be allowed to dream. The same is true for adults. As a couple, Kim and I have big dreams. Our dreams keep our marriage rich, young, and fun. Bigger investment projects keep us learning together, operating as a team, and growing together rather than growing apart. Instead of living below our means, we dream big, learn, and invest carefully in order to go beyond our means. It’s not just about money … It’s about life.

Personally, Kim and I think it is a tragedy to live below your dreams.

In Conclusion

On august 9 and 10, 2007, as the markets of the world crashed, many people had no idea what the crash meant. Most people have no idea how it will affect their lives. Most people have no idea how it will affect their lives. Most people have no idea how the rule changes back in1971 and 1974 have affected their lives.

Today, even in the richest country in the world, the U.S., millions of educated, hard-working people are earning less even if they are paid more, saving money that is losing value, clinging to their homes as their value declines, and using credit cards to pay their bills.

To make matters worse, because of a market crash, millions of educated, hard-working people think that investing is risky and to attain higher returns means you have to take on greater risks. There are only a few people who know that the key to leverage is control, and the key to control is financial intelligence.

The good news is that the higher your financial intelligence, the more money you make without needing money. In this new capitalism, it is truly possible to make money for nothing. In the information Age, knowledge is the ultimate leverage. The more money you make without money, the higher your ROI and IRR, and the higher your financial IQ.

Since financial IQ is the numerical measure of financial intelligence, this means an infinite return means and infinite financial IQ. Tell that to your banker and financial planner the next time they tell you that 5 percent interest on savings, or 10 percent return on mutual funds, is a great return.

Improving your financial information in January of 1972, I was transferred from Camp Pendleton, California, to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam. It was my second trip to Vietnam. My first visit was in 1966. The Merchant marine academy sent students to sea for a year of study. My Project was studying military cargo open rations in a war zone more specifically, how to safely load and unload bombs without killing ourselves. My second trip as a war pilot was a very different experience than studying the war as a student.

My primary job on board the carrier was as a helicopter gunship pilot. My primary mission was to fly as an escort for the larger troop helicopters. Our squadron was made up of mostly troop transport helicopters, the twin-rotor CH-46 and CH-53s, a.k.a. Jolly Green Giants. If the zone was hot with enemy fire, the job of the gunship was to protect the troop transport helicopters in the zone. Personally, I was happy to be a gunship pilot. It was a lot better than being a troop transport pilot. Transport pilots had to be extremely brave. They flew large helicopters into a hot zone, just sitting there as troops got on or off.

Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust (2012)

Directed by: Susumu Kudo
Studio: GoHands
Aired: Sep 29, 2012
Genre: Action, Psychological, Sci-Fi
Duration: 1hr. 8 min.
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity
Score: 7.43


Rune Balot goes to a casino connected to the October corporation to try to wrap up her case once and for all.

Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion (2011)


Balot and a severely injured Oeufcoque seem to be at the mercy of an obsessed Boiled. Dr. Easter comes to the rescue and the group escapes to “Paradise” where many secrets of Mardock lie and where Balot will need to come to a decision herself about what she will and can do.

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (2010)


In a futuristic society, a 15-year-old prostitute named Rune Balot is rescued after being nearly killed. She is subconsciously given the choice to continue living due to an emergency ordinance to preserve life called Mardock Scramble 09. Turned into a cyborg, Balot is then given the choice of assisting the investigations against the man who tried to terminate her. He is part of the powerful October corporation that is stealthily conducting illegal activities.

Book of The Month

Read some of the point from the book.

I’m Not Sure If It’s for You, But

It was for this reason that I figured the best place to start is with a set of magic words you can use to introduce something to just about any point in time, that is completely rejection-free. The words in question are, “I’m not sure if it’s for you, but….”


Just about everybody in the land thinks of themselves as meeting this criterion, and it’s pretty easy to understand why.

What Do You Know?

To influence Others, You must be aware of how to control a conversation. One way of regaining control is to move the other person’s position from one of certainty to one of doubt.

How Would You Feel If?

It is the meaning of this word that creates the true base for understanding all areas of negotiation, influence and persuasion, and you should explore it further if you would like to perform at your peak.

Just Imagine

In fact, for a decision to come true, you must have first at least imagined yourself doing it. Have you ever been in a situation in which you have said, or even just mouthed, these words back to somebody else: “I just couldn’t see myself doing that”?

When Would Be a Good Time?

One of the biggest reasons your ideas fail to get heard is that others tell you that they just don’t have the time to consider them.

I’m Guessing You Haven’t Got Around To

You know the times when you have sent over some details or they have said they needed to consult with someone else, and now you need to make contact to take the next step?

Simple Swaps

It came to me, first of all, from trying to prevent a giant mistake I see so many people make when they reach the end of a sales presentation.

You Have Three Options

The words, “As I see it, you have three options,” help the other person through the decision-making process and allow you to appear impartial in doing so.

Two Types of People

To me, the primary job description of all sales professionals is to be “decision catalysts” in the lives of their customers and prospects, yet still the job can be more simply described as “professional mind-maker-upper.”

I Bet You’re a Bit Like Me

When you are talking to a stranger, the conversation needs to move easily, which means it typically follows the path of least resistance.

If… Then

An Example of this is a simple pattern of speech that appeared a lot in your youth, and its impact is often overlooked. Adults made many conditional statements to us when we were children, such as…

Don’t Worry

You know when you can see and feel the anxiety in somebody, when they are uncertain about what to do next or perhaps even fearful. These two magic words provide instant relief, and you can typically see the change in the recipient.

Most People

indecision is the biggest thing that stances in the way of progress, and these words can help jump people out of procrastination in a flash.

The Good News

These words provide you with a tool to spin a negative into a positive using a technique called labeling.

What Happens Next

You want them to commit, but following all of this relationship building and imparting of knowledge, the conversation grinds to a stop with nobody leading the actual decision.

What Makes You Say That?

These conversations can become confrontational, so to avoid argument, the majority of people are happy to let go of their goal in favor of an easy life.

Before You Make Your Mind Up

If I Can, Will You?

Perhaps they are looking for you to make a change from your standard terms or they would like to offer an improved price.


It’s all about making it a lot easier for the other person to reach a little higher than they may have done otherwise.

Just One More Thing

The previous section showed a simple way of achieving this, yet a practice that is less common is the downsell. A downsell involves working on achieving a lesser objective if you fail to meet your primary objective in a conversation.

A Favor

I am sure you have had many scenarios in which you have longed for someone else to do something that makes your life a little easier, that opens a door for you or provides you with the information you need to make the progress you would like.

Just Out of Curiosity

I am not saying that people should feel rushed into decisions. It’s just that my experience tells me this statement rarely means they are heading away to do a detailed analysis of their decision. They are just pushing their decision away to another day.

Godzilla vs Kong

While Watching This Movie I must say it have very realistic motion going on screen everything look real and natural the inner surface give you feeling of inception like feeling.

This movie is good and work of some of the magical worker who make anything happen in there movie and give us something to waiting and striving for in our Movie time they are some of the finest video maker there is something called power of story telling and they do that without any exception to that.

What I see now day it is more important to have a message and a factor in movie which give us diversity from other kind of diversity so to say indifferent way to look at story.

My Hero Academia

Where to start about this show it contain so many twist and live decision making hustle how some time we do thing it just a way to represent how people start making thing work how simple it look from outside and so much it cost them who make it happen in first glance you may get the power it work but the more you go in you feel that it fully give you something again and again some kind of feeling to be do more without asking of getting anything from other side of line.

Anime always have some kind of problem which they face which give them trouble from child time and then they start making it there dream to over come those obstacle and make thing happen sound easy and simple when you see how powerful writing make these simple looking explanation alive is work of art there is more then art here there are emotion and skill to awake a real world from just simple will of creating something totally awesome and heart touching without making anything to loose in process you will start making new friends and help them work one step at a time.